New Decade, New Rules

January 24, 2020

So, we’re back. Maybe third time’s a charm  How many folks out there can identify with wanting to do something – something important to you – and just not being able to do it because of all the things you have to do? Sound familiar?

We love getting together to speak into a microphone and challenge each other. It’s playful and inspiring and yet we were struggling just to get firmly out of the starting gate. So we did what women do – we stepped back, re-evaluated what we were trying to do and tried to create goals and a plan that were challenging but doable. So this time we are going to post two times a month. We would like to stay friends so we are not going to be accountability partners on weight goals, but we will talk about the struggle to achieve health goals and we will support each other in our respective journeys. I hope you come with us.